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Sloan in Hollywood 02.21.2010

Winter sucks, especially in Boston. Last year going on the BNL cruise drastically improved the whole messy business that calls itself 'February,' and Simon and I were both pretty desperate to get a taste of some sunshine again this year. The question of where to go quickly resolved itself when the latest set of Sloan tour dates hit the internet. Should I go see my 7th Sloan show in Hollywood, California the day after my 25th birthday? Yes, please!

The show was on a Sunday, so we flew out in the middle of the previous week to give ourselves ample time for fun, sightseeing, and Simon's quest to find the perfect taco. This is a music blog, not facebook, so I'll spare you the myriad vacation pictures. LA is fabulous, and I spent the whole time wishing I lived there (yes, traffic and all). Being surrounded by palm trees and greenery in the middle of winter was amazing. We saw 2 shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, both of which featured one of my absolute favorite comedians, Mr. Paul F Tompkins. The second UCB show featured a bit (a lot) of my trademark awkwardness when I unexpectedly ran into Chris Murphy in the waiting list line. I'm not going to go into the gory details, let's just say that I'm a spaz and leave it that.

I also visited the best record store I have ever been to in my life. Amoeba Music in LA trumps every record store I've been to in NYC, Montreal, Boston, and everywhere in between. I made two trips there in two days, spending a total of around 5 hours and a lot of dollars in that place. If the trip had been longer, I probably would have doubled that. I ran into Chris again on the way to my second visit, which was somewhat less awkward, but still surprising. Chris, if by random chance you read this: I'm not a crazy person, I swear. I just like comedy and records and happen to be extremely awkward. Thanks for being so good-natured about it. Anyway, we agreed that Amoeba is indeed awesome and I told him that I'd be dragging Simon with me to the show that night.

Amoeba passing a very important test: Do they have any Sloan vinyls?

The show itself was, as always, fantastic. The openers were The World Record and Taylor Locke & The Roughs. The World Record in particular was really good. Sloan took the stage somewhere between 10:00 and 10:30, opening their set with 'Take It Upon Yourself' from their Hit & Run EP. The set was largely the same as the three Hit & Run shows I saw on the east coast back in December, only this time I knew the words to the new songs much better. They also, seemingly randomly, threw in Ready For You near the end of the set, which was unexpected and wonderful. The absense of Action Pact songs was one of my only issues with the setlist back in December, and Ready For You is always fun.

The encore was crazy awesome - five songs, special guests, and a really great time. 'So Beyond Me' and 'Stand By Me, Yeah' in particular were awesome treats, as I had never seen them play either of those songs live before and both are songs I love. There's never a bad time to hear 'Coax Me' or 'Good In Everyone' either, so that was also fantasticular. I'll post the complete setlist a the bottom of this entry, after the pictures.

Even Simon, who is emphatically not a fan of concerts he has to stand for (or, in general, music that's not the Great Big Sea or Ben Folds if we're being honest), had to admit that it was a fantastic show. I think he was even a little bit starstruck when Chris introduced himself and told him that he'd thought about doing a bit regarding the fact that I'd dragged him to the show. He'll deny it up and down if you ask him though, so who knows. I also got to add to my growing collection of Sloan t-shirts when I stopped by the table of merch guy extraordinnaire Jay Coyle who hooked me up with all kinds of awesome swag like buttons and stickers.

I also finally managed to get a setlist signed by all 4 Sloans (I was going to get Gregory to sign it as well, but he was talking to people and Simon wanted to leave and also my legs were ready to collapse from exhaustion - one day!). For a completist like myself, that's a pretty sweet victory. Enough babble though. Less talk, more rock:





Gregory and Andrew

2 wicked awesome guitar dudes, Patrick and Jay.

Take It Upon Yourself
At The Edge Of The Scene
Believe In Me
It Is Never
Don't You Believe A Word
The Other Man
Money City Maniacs
The NS
Get Out Of Bed
The Great Wall
Where Are You Now?
Midnight Mass
Oh Dear Diary
C'mon C'mon
Fading Into Obscurity
Everything You've Done Wrong
Ready For You
Who Taught You to Live Like That?
I Can Feel It
So Beyond Me
Stand By Me, Yeah
Coax Me
The Good in Everyone

Someday, hopefully soon, I will get around to writing about the set of 3 Sloan shows I saw in December. I'm just not sure how to go about writing about them without waxing emotional, so we'll see. See you next time, Sloan! Hopefully April!


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Feb. 26th, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)
Followed a link from the Sloan Twitter, and this post is awesome for many reasons:

- I went to the show in San Francisco
- I had planned to go to the Amoeba on Haight while I was in town, but didn't make it
- The trip/show was an early gift for my 25th birthday
- I saw Andrew on the street before the show (but didn't talk to him)
- That's definitely Elliott Smith (whom I also love!) behind the Sloan vinyl

Nice pics, by the way. And I am so jealous of your encore! Haha.
Feb. 26th, 2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
That IS awesome! We thought about going to the SF show instead, but opted for the warmer option ;-) Did you go see Patrick's DJ set before the show? I was hoping that would happen in LA, but it was not to be.

And thanks! They are not an easy band to get pictures of - Chris especially is in constant motion - but I think I'm getting better at it. Where are you from? Maybe I'll run into you at a future show :)
Feb. 26th, 2010 10:14 pm (UTC)
Oh, it's kind of funny... I didn't even know about the DJ set until I got home the next day and saw the update on Twitter. I was the first person in the door at the venue, so I was definitely there early, but I had no idea he was DJing! Although, after reading that, it occurred to me that it was all music he probably would have selected (AC/DC and such). So I guess I caught it, and just didn't know.

I'm from Sacramento (about a 90 minute drive from SF). I'd say you made the right choice, opting for LA. The weather was icky the whole time I was in San Francisco (but thankfully the rain held off).
I posted the set and a little review here on the website. I also took a few videos, but apparently I have very shaky hands, so the quality is pretty awful! The sound was good though, so I put them up on youtube anyway. They're the only ones from that show, I think.
Feb. 28th, 2010 02:09 am (UTC)
Haha, that's pretty awesome :P Love the videos, Midnight Mass is so pretty and it sounds like the sound on Jay's mic was really good for your show.

I love, love, love your Sloan icons btw! They're so pretty. Love the one of the sneakers from 500 Up ;) Those dudes have the best shoes.
Feb. 28th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC)
Thanks! :-) Yeah, the sound for "Midnight Mass" and "Oh Dear Diary" was really good. I also caught "The N.S." (I don't think there are any other videos for that song on youtube), and a little bit of the banter before the encore.

Oh, and thanks, I made them. I thought about making more and posting them to share somewhere, but it seems like most of the communities for that sort of thing are dead, and I don't know any other Sloan fans. :-X
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